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  • What is “Special Education”?
  • What does “special education” really mean for my child?
  • Are special education services in Delaware different from other states?
  • If my child attends a charter school, will she still be able to receive special education services?
  • How can I learn more about special education services and programs in Delaware?
  • How can I find out more about my rights?
  • What should I do if I think my child needs special education services?
  • Can I just tell my child’s teacher that I want my daughter to be evaluated for special education services?
  • Can anyone else provide written parental consent to have my child evaluated for special education services?
  • Are caregivers such as grandparents able to sign parental consent forms?
  • Why does my child need an educational evaluation if I already know she has problems in school?
  • Why does my child have to have a “label” to get special education services?
  • Can Evaluating Behavior Be Part of the Evaluation Procedure?
  • What if I do not agree with the team about my child’s evaluation results?
  • What is an IEP?
  • When does my child get an IEP?
  • What if I am not able to attend the IEP meeting for my child?
  • Who should come to my child’s IEP meeting?
  • Is it acceptable for the school to present me with a draft IEP for my child?
  • What can I do to prepare for my child’s IEP meeting?
  • Am I able to take a friend or family member with me to my child’s IEP meeting?
  • Can my child be suspended from school because of problem behaviors?
  • What options do I have if I disagree with the school team about my child’s education?
  • What is different about my child’s IEP now that he or she is 14 years old?
  • Should my child attend her IEP meeting?
  • What should I expect at my child’s transition meeting?
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