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Behavior and Discipline Toolkit

Behaviors that interfere with a child’s learning in school can be challenging for both parents and teachers. This toolkit provides information about addressing behaviors through assessment of the child and development of a behavior plan. It also includes information to help you understand school disciplinary procedures for children who receive special education services.

Online Resources – National

NICHCY  - Information about assessments and plans that can reduce challenging behaviors and support better behavior.

Center for Parent Information and Resources -- Link to a variety of resources from this national clearinghouse.

Online Resources - State

Refer to individual school websites for each school’s “Code of Conduct” which includes disciplinary procedures for all students.

PIC Fact sheets

Discipline: Can my child be suspended?

Functional Behavioral Assessment: What should a parent know?

Behavior Intervention Plans: How do I help develop an effective plan?


Parents Are the Key - This user-friendly booklet, developed for parents and caregivers, describes school disciplinary procedures (such as suspensions and manifestation meetings) in detail. It also includes information about how school teams can address behaviors that are interfering with a child’s learning.

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