JR Partners in Policymaking

JR Partners in Policymaking

What is Partners in Policymaking?

Partners in Policymaking is an innovative Leadership Training Program that teaches people to be community leaders. The program is designed for parents raising young or school-aged children with a developmental disability* or young adults with developmental* disabilities. “Partners” provides up-to-date information, education and skill building activities about the legislative process and local, state and national issues that affect individuals with disabilities.

Partners in Policymaking was developed by the Minnesota Governor’s Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities. The program has been offered in 40 states, as well as Great Britain, Scotland and the Virgin Islands. Over 5,000 people have been trained Nationwide. The Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council began its program in 1993. Over 200 Delawareans have taken the training program.

Partners participants are people who are ready to work for change in public policy. The overall goal of the program is to foster a PARTNERship between people who need and use services for disabilities and those who make public policy. Partners graduates gain the abilities to teach policymakers a new way of thinking about people with disabilities.


For more information visit: https://ddc.delaware.gov/index.shtml?dc=partners#:~:text=What%20is%20Junior%20Partners%20in,five%20nights%20and%20six%20days.

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