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Parent Engagement

PIC is an excellent resource for helping your school implement evidence-based and inclusive parent engagement programming that reflects an inclusive school community. PIC can help you identify ways to get parents involved with their children’s education – at home and school. 

Workshops and Webinars

Schools may host a PIC workshop on site or schedule a webinar for their families.  The Program Catalogue details workshops on topics ranging from special education issues to communicating effectively with school staff are designed to help parents understand today's education system and how they can be an advocate for their child and their child's school   PIC can help schools proactively work with parents new to special education become effective members of the IEP team.  PIC's IEP series that includes four workshops that focus on the IEP process, IEP goals, IEP implementation, and organization skills for parents helps parents understand the complex special education process and identify ways that they can play an important role in their child's IEP. To see a complete listing of topics offered by PIC, visit our Workshops page.

Parent Resource Centers

PIC was the designated resource for Delaware’s federal Parent Information Resource Center program. While this federal program (and its funding) was discontinued, PIC still has a wealth of information and materials that school's are welcome to use.

For schools or organizations that have yet to establish a Parent Resource Center, PIC can help jumpstart your effort. Experts are available to identify tested tools and information that will help engage parents in the school and the community. Please call today to discuss how to launch a Parent Resource Center or move your existing Parent Resource Center to the next level.

PIC workshops on site will enhance your Parent Resource Center value. By hosting a PIC workshop, you can create a climate of shared learning. With offices across the state, PIC is ready and willing to be a partner in developing parent engagement at your school!

Family Friendly Walkthrough

PIC staff has been trained to work with schools to examine parents’ perception through the Family Friendly Walkthrough.

The Walkthrough is an evidence based model that will:

  • Examine how inviting the school appears to the local community.
  • Look at strategies to make the school more welcoming.
  • Assess how well the school is meeting NCLB and Title I parent involvement mandates.
  • Identify areas to increase focus for improved parent engagement.

The Family-Friendly Walkthrough offers a springboard for creating honest and productive relationships between school leaders, faculty, and parents, especially when used on a regular basis.

Family Leadership Academy

How do school leaders get parents to become “do-ers” at school and in the community? The PIC Family Leadership Academy (FLA) helps cultivate leadership skills. The Family Leadership Academy uses the structured curriculum Parents as Collaborative Leaders developed at the University of Vermont and the Minnesota PACER Center.

FLA participants discover how education and politics merge and learn how effective communication skills can help them become better advocates. By understanding how to work with school leaders, politicians, and other parents, FLA participants build essential skills for council, board, and committee membership where decision-making often takes place. FLA graduates have gone on to become constructive partners for positive change at the local, state, and national level!

Program fees

PIC provides workshops and webinars that are primarily for families at no or minimal cost.

A flat fee of $150 per instructional hour plus materials is charged when the program is limited to educators or other professionals.


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