Every year U.S. and state legislators craft legislation that could impact education for individuals with disabilities.

Your voice is important. Elected officials want input from people like you so they can consider your interests.

When you call or write, it is helpful to state your name and address, clearly, explain your thoughts on the issue, and provide a way for the official to respond.

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs Legislation and Policies


Current Legislative Bills

Current legislative bills related to children with disabilities:

An act to amend Title 14 of the Delaware code relating to funding for enrichment at high poverty schools

An act to amend Title 14 of the Delaware code relating to school boards


How a bill becomes a law in Delaware


National and Statewide Elected Officials


Finding Your Representative


Contacting Your County Council Member

New Castle County

Sussex County

Kent County

Contacting Your City Council Member

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National Disability Legislation


National PTA

Delaware PTA


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