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Professional Development

PIC offers a wide array of workshops and webinars that can help teachers, paraprofessionals, parent liaisons, and other professionals better understand students with disabilities, the IEP/504 process, and the procedural safeguards, laws, and regulations that define the delivery of special education services.

PIC works with the Delaware Department of Education to deliver quality programming through the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies Adapting Curriculum and Classroom Environments for Student Success (ACCESS) project and the State Personnel Development Grant. The DOE provides PIC with the supports to enhance its overall services for parents, educators and other professionals through this and other federal or state grants.

PIC can design a unique professional development series to bolster general education staff and parent liaison knowledge of special education issues, as well as other parent engagement topics. Please call PIC at (302) 999-7394 or use the Contact Us form to discuss a customized training program from our menu of workshop topics.

Program fees

PIC provides workshops and webinars that are primarily for families at no or minimal cost.

A flat fee of $150 per instructional hour plus materials is charged when the program is limited to educators or other professionals.

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