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Growing as Parents

Growing as Parents (or in Spanish, Creciendo Como Padres) is uniquely designed to help Sussex County Hispanic parents of young children with special healthcare needs or disabilities connect to a coordinated system of services and support inclusive of the public school system.  This program is designed to help bridge the transition from early intervention programs, such as Child Development Watch, to school-based programming.

Through Growing as Parents, young parents learn how to identify and access information and maximize available resources to promote their child’s health, education and well being. They also learn how to communicate their child’s needs to physicians, nurses, social workers, teachers and community agencies’ staff. The program coordinator personally assists families in understanding, translating and completing forms and questionnaires, and offers support and guidance as necessary.

To further support Hispanic families, PIC partners with community organizations to assist families of children with disabilities experiencing mental health issues.  Through the Hispanic Mental Health Program, parents have quick access to a PIC Parent Consultant who can assist in translation, arranging transportation, connecting to professional mental health services, and ensuring that the child's IEP reflects the current mental health isue.   This program helps parents understand the value of early behavioral and mental health services for children and encourages families to seek information and assistance when children show signs of behavioral or mental health needs.

Growing as Parents and the Hispanic Families of Children with Disabilties Mental Health Support Group are programs funded by the Family Support and Healthcare Alliance Delaware (Family SHADE), an alliance of organziations collaborating under the umbrella of the University of Delaware’s Center for Disabilities Studies.

Please visit Family SHADE to learn more.

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